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Creating a Showpiece Bathroom

While many homeowners think of a bathroom as purely functional, a warm and elegant bathroom creates a feeling of comfort and well-being. After all, a bathroom is an intimate room, so it makes sense to decorate your bathroom in a way that nourishes your body and spirit.

A good place to start when creating a welcoming and nurturing bathroom is to take a long look at the walls and the ceiling. Before considering art, shelves, and other accessories, examine the basic "bones" of the room. Specific architectural details such as the addition of molding and wainscoting helps to create the foundation for a bathroom in which you and your guests will enjoy spending time.

Moldings can help to define the bathroom's ceiling and add layers of decorative interest. While decorative molding fits well in homes of certain historic eras, the wide variety of molding styles means that it's equally in place in bathrooms with other decorative styles. Simple moldings with clean lines and a streamlined style help to define a contemporary bathroom, for example, while a more intricately detailed molding would find itself perfectly at home in a country French-inspired bathroom.

Much in the way that molding can help to turn a ho-hum ceiling into a richly detailed marvel, wainscoting paneling is a simple addition that can spice up the walls in a bathroom.

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Once used as a barrier to the cold stone walls in older homes, wainscoting now serves mainly a decorative purpose, although it is helpful in preventing scuff marks on walls. Today's wainscoting couldn't be easier to install; decorative wainscoting panels snap into place and are quickly secured with a special adhesive. Once the wainscoting is in place, finish it off at chair rail height with a simple horizontal trim, and voila, your bathroom's walls are transformed into a simple yet elegant work of art.

Once your bathroom is decorated with architectural embellishments, it's time to consider the impact of color. The wainscoting on the walls provides a natural breaking point for a change of color; in fact, painting the wainscoting a color that contrasts with the upper expanses of the walls can help to highlight the detail of the wainscoting.

Don't neglect the ceiling when you plan the bathroom's color scheme. Especially in bathrooms with high ceilings that can benefit from the addition of a darker ceiling, a color other than basic white has a huge impact on the feeling that the room imparts. For even more of a dramatic impact, consider painting the ceiling molding in a contrasting color to emphasize the richness that this layer adds to the room.