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Bathroom Decor Inspiration

luxury bathroom

The luxury bathroom is one of the great rooms of the house, a place for enjoying a few moments of solitude and the time-honored healing powers of water

gorgeous luxury bathroom

Part of the secret to many of the luxury bathrooms is found in the details, not just the amenities, for they provide that individual design stamp known as panache

luxury bathroom design

When square footage is no object and the imagination is generous, there is no limit to the options available today for bathroom decorating or remodeling

beautiful bathroom with round tub

In order to create a sophisticated and relaxing bathroom you should choose a molding that are proportioned to the space

bathroom transformation

When you are not limited in size, you can transform your bathroom into something closer to a living space with comfortable seating, occasional furniture

bathroom design

Bathrooms have always been an important selling point in a home, but never have they received as much attention from buyers as they do today

wainscoting for bathroom

The wainscoting is resistant to warping even in warm and damp rooms such as the bathroom

bathroom decor inspiration

While many homeowners think of a bathroom as purely functional, a warm and elegant bathroom creates a feeling of comfort and well-being

bathoom design with molding

There are a number of ways to take an ordinary bathroom and give it some flair through packaging improvements

well decorated bathroom

There are a lot of simple things you can do when decorating your bathroom to give it a special touch and add vivid personality

bathroom elements

A lot of bathroom elements such as paints, wallpaper, towels and accessories, are relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed

batroom with pilasters and crown molding

Well designed and well proportioned bathroom, made of honest materials usually do not require a lot of decorating and over the top embellishments

bathroom decorating ideas and inspiration

The bathroom's color palette is as important in creating a mood as are the style of the fixtures and bathroom accessories

stunning bathroom

There are a lot of things you can do in the bathroom that will suggest an improved lifestyle

A crucial component of maximizing wall space is the installation of counters

The tub can be far more than the place to scrub in