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Collectable Magnifiers
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mini magnifier oxford magnifier
mini magnifier AAC092
$22.50 $18.00
pocket magnifier ACO004
$41.25 $33.00
regency magnifier oxford magnifier
Regency magnifier AAC109
$73.75 $59.00
oxford magnifier AAC091
$31.25 $25.00
bronze rococo magnifier silver rococo magnifier
Rococo magnifier AAC113
$36.25 $29.00
Rococo magnifier AAC114
$36.25 $29.00
victorian magnifying mirror.htm empress reading glass
magnifying mirror AAC110
$61.25 $49.00
Empress magnifier AAC095
$156.25 $125.00
bronze magnifying glass bronze magnifier with stand
magnifying glass AAC099b
$68.75 $55.00
magnifier + stand AAC099e
$143.75 $115.00
magnifying glass magnifier with stand
magnifying glass AAC099
$68.75 $55.00
magnifier + stand AAC099A
$156.25 $125.00
nickel magnifier readers magnifier
nickel magnifier AAC098
$73.75 $59.00
readers magnifier AAC116
$48.75 $39.00
pocket sextant pocket sextant
pocket sextant + case AKA032
$148.75 $119.00
pocket sextant AKA030
$73.75 $59.00
tripod magnifier vintage travel magnifier
tripod magnifier AAC111
$32.50 $26.00
vintage travel magnifier AAC090
$40.00 $32.00

Telescopes and Binoculars

victorian binoculars spyglass telescope
Victorian binoculars AKA026
$161.25 $129.00
spyglass telescope AKA023
$123.75 $99.00
spyglass telescope with stand
spyglass / stand AKA023F
$186.25 $149.00
officer's spyglass AKA036
$86.25 $69.00
binoculars with tripod Avalon telescope
binoculars + tripod AKA025
$198.75 $159.00
Avalon telescope AKA038
$687.50 $550.00
monocular on tripod walking stick with telescope
monocular on tripod AKA039
$2,998.75 $2,399.00
walking stick + telescope AWS005
$143.75 $115.00
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Collectable magnifying glasses, telescopes and binoculars. Both practical and decorative magnifiers have turned into great gift items while at the same time becoming highly collectable. Our little magnifiers collection and selection of antique telescopes and binoculars reproduced by master artisans are proud of their unique origins.


increasing design focus with magnifying glasses
It's rare to find decorative objects that also perform useful functions, but magnifying glasses accomplish this task with both style and sophistication. Consider the many applications of magnifiers in adding both form and usefulness to your home's interior. When it comes to interpreting the fine print and discovering small details, reading magnifier objects can come to the rescue and serve double duty as stylish and interesting decorative objects, as well. From small to large magnifying glasses... 👉🏻 magnifying glasses


adding intrigue and style with binoculars and telescopes
Interior accessories should add panache to a room's decor while at the same time make a statement about the homeowner. If you are looking for distinctive home accessories that evoke intellectual curiosity and travels to far-away realms, consider adding binoculars or telescopes to round out the appeal of your home's interior. While both binoculars and telescopes are used to assist in the viewing of distant objects, the biggest difference is that telescopes allow viewing with one eye, while binoculars accommodate... 👉🏻 binoculars and telescopes


magnifying glasses
Small magnifying glasses - You found an unbelievable Tizian sketch in rich sepias, highlighted in white. You examined the faded signature, enlarged... That ancient piece of ikat textile. You always wanted to study the weft, see how the weaver worked. That picture of grandmother in a group of 27 classmates, from 1919. Did she wear earrings? Small magnifiers are tools for the curious of mind. they are practical, authentic, and highly decorative... 👉🏻 about magnifying glasses


achieve far sight with telescopes and binoculars
Do you ever dream of being an Old World astronomer like Galileo, gazing at the stars? What about a ship's captain? Or, perhaps an explorer of new lands? Well, you can't do any of those things without your trusty telescope, ever at the ready. Our selection of authentic reproduction telescopes and binoculars are sure to magnify your imagination. The invention of the telescope was almost certainly one of humankind's most significant scientific achievements of the age. The first telescope, which magnified objects by a factor of four, was developed in the Netherlands in the early 1600s by a pair of spectacle makers and an instrument builder, but a patent was never filed... 👉🏻 telescopes



collectable magnifiers | collection of magnifying glasses

Both practical and decorative magnifiers have turned into great gift items while at the same time becoming highly collectable. Our little magnifiers collection is proud of its unique origins. Some magnifiers belonged to the King George II scientific instrument collection, one of them was used by a Cardinal at the Roman Curia. Another magnifier was replicated after one found in the oldest science museum in The Netherlands dating back to the 1600s.

👉🏻 mini magnifier; 👉🏻 student's microscope; 👉🏻 tripod magnifier;

collectible compasses
👉🏻 trade winds compass; 👉🏻 Empress reading glass;

pocket magnifiers
👉🏻 pocket magnifier; 👉🏻 semi-precious stones solitaire;

antique magnifiers
👉🏻 magnifier + stand;


Victorian magnifying glasses antique magnifying mirrors

👉🏻 Regency magnifier;

👉🏻 magnifying mirror;

collectable magnifiers  magnifying glasses 

👉🏻 magnifying glass;

👉🏻 readers magnifier;

Mercator globe and sundial compass; available at InvitingHome.com  Avalon telescope made of instrument quality brass. Stand crafted in rich rosewood, with adjustable legs and solid brass fittings. Telescope magnifies 20X. Avalon telescope doubles as striking and bold decor; available at InvitingHome.com

👉🏻 Mercator globe; 👉🏻 sundial compass;

👉🏻 Avalon telescope;
After dinner, having enjoyed garoupa combined with a chilled Chardonnay, nothing is more relaxing than observing birds and wildlife or neighbors with a tripod mounted telescope. After all, one never knows when the TV might give out.

A telescope is intriguing and classic explorer's and navigator's tool.
Essential instruments: a compass, a sextant and a telescope. The telescope consists of a wood barrel holding an objective, a system of lenses. It is protected by brass collars and a decorative brass cap. To use the telescope, pull out the brass tubes (called drawers in Britain). The smallest tube holds the eye objective. Judiciously push in the smallest end-tube to focus.

Spyglass telescope made to store away as small as possible this is a marvel of hand tooled telescoping brass tube
👉🏻 spyglass;

officer's spyglass
👉🏻 officer's spyglass;

spyglass telescopes
👉🏻 spyglass with stand;

Classic campaign binoculars used by Victorian gentry and Army and Navy to observe while able to take notes and sketch. Sturdy 19th century binoculars on elegant beautifully crafted mini-tripod. Binoculars were a Victorian invention and were much easier to use than the one lens drawn out telescope.

victorian binoculars
👉🏻 Victorian binoculars

Dating back to the pitching bridge of a dreadnought man-of-war or the battlements of the British Imperial Army campaign headquarters. Far-reach telescopes were rare and expensive, available only to captains of the fleet and highly ranked officers of the general staff. Our monocular is outfitted with complicated prismatic lenses. Its brass and nickel parts are expertly covered with hand-sewn leather, to withstand the wear and tear of the daily use on campaign. Magnifies 35x;


telescopes and binoculars available at InvitingHome.com