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Magnifying Glasses

Small magnifying glasses - You found an unbelievable Tizian sketch in rich sepias, highlighted in white. You examined the faded signature, enlarged...That ancient piece of ikat textile. You always wanted to study the weft, see how the weaver worked. That picture of grandmother in a group of 27 classmates, from 1919. Did she wear earrings? Small magnifiers are tools for the curious of mind. they are practical, authentic, and highly decorative...

Magnifying mirrors - The vanity magnifying mirror has traditionally vacillated between the ornamental and practical. Huge and over decorated wall mirrors have been de rigueur for centuries. Strangely enough, it's hard to find a modest, practical, table mirror made with both ease of use and aesthetics in mind.

A synthesis of form and function, this magnifying mirror stands on a base replicating part of a Georgian scientific instrument. Vanity mirror telescopes up and down. This magnifying mirror angles by adjusting a clever ball-joint. Sleek and classy mirror has large, slightly magnifying concave front, and smaller flat mirror back.

Student microscope - Student microscope is another early and popular instrument of science and academic learning, created to better appreciate the many layers of nature. What is learning without fun? This small microscope is an instrument for on the go. When not in use microscope fits in a brass case. Highly technical details that befit the heritage of such early instruments. You provide the slides and bugs to study! Student microscope is hand-crafted with great precision from solid instrument quality brass. .

Empress reading glass - Conversation has had its prescribed etiquette. During the late Victorian era and into the Belle Epoque one's monocle served to intimidate and disadvantage. A houseguest who overstayed his welcome...an unwelcome suitor to a favorite daughter? Now magnifying glass is a tool of study and fun, be it to study the lines on your palm, a picture, fingerprints, small print? Empress reading glass is a gift with excellent provenance, a desk accessory that delivers. This magnifying glass telescopes up and down. Magnifying reading glass angles by adjusting a clever ball-joint. Made of solid brass with duotone bronze finish, this magnifying reading glass is a must-have for any desk.

Tripod magnifier - Tripod magnifier for discovery and study. Meticulous replica of an iconic Victorian tool of learning this magnifier is three-legged witness to early science. Tripod magnifiers height adjustable for proper focus. Classic science blended with a world of discovery. This magnifier is hand-tooled in solid instrument brass. So much to learn and see... Think field studies done by devoted, bright, young students.

Regency magnifier - It always pays to have a close look! The signature on the painting you just purchased at that out-of-the-way estate sale. Check on your hunch it's a Leonardo...Or study the hallmarks on the sterling polo trophy you took from that weekend trip to Buenos Aires. Or just retrace Sherlock's trails in London's Chelsea. Fingerprints, hair and fibers?.. You need The Glass!!! Regency magnifier is a versatile attractive accessory of proven pedigree and gravitas. This magnifier is hand built in solid brass and rosewood.


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