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LED lighting
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LED lights are sometimes too strong for the unconcealed eye leaving a viewer blinking black spots away. There is now breakthrough technology that allows the light and eye to meet. Indirect lighting is a soft glowing light that eliminates colored spots and the need for sunglasses indoors. LED Lighting is still popular, especially during the daytime, because it provides a vivid effect in conjunction with natural light.

Exquisite LED lights are irreplaceable for dining rooms, bathrooms, or entranceways. Indirect lighting allows your eyes to relax while still illuminating a space. Indirect lighting is an impressive way to illuminate paintings or immediately focus a guest’s eye on newly purchased artwork. The ceiling domes with light have been specially created with a lighting cove to illuminate the living room, dining room, or hallway. The dome is available in many convenient sizes ranging from 36″ to 132″ in diameter. Installing indirect lighting is an excellent decision, but to use it in combination with a ceiling dome adds an extra special touch every home needs. When used in combination with indirect lighting fixtures or a chandelier, the results are breathtaking.

Molding lighting kits for crown molding can be purchased directly from our site. The selection of comprehensive lighting kits includes LED lights kit for installation with crown molding for indirect lighting, 30′ flexible lighting kit, and a 150′ flexible lighting kit. LED lights are quick and easy to install and come with adhesive backing. LED lights will last for up to 20 000 hours so you won’t have to worry about changing a light bulb anytime soon!

LED lights are available in both square and round shapes and come in both blue and white colors to set the mood in any room. Blue LED lights can help to make any room look more spacious. Installing indirect lighting can be a project for the whole family. Deciding to install colored lights in a child’s bedroom leaves room for children to be creative and help pick the color of light. Parents can pick out beautiful moldings to incase the lighting, and children can feel like they have an opinion on home renovation projects. A great example of blue indirect lighting can be seen in the InvitingHome.com inspiration gallery. Just as Picasso had a Blue Period, using only shades of blue in his paintings, you too can have a blue period. The work created during this time has become some of his most famous and most popular works.

Rope lights emit a soft glowing light and provide a nice soft accent. This is great for creating mood lighting. Rope lights are recommended highly for rooms like the television room or bedroom where setting a comfortable and relaxing mood is always important. Lights for molding are very easy to install, and although they come in a variety of sizes, they can also be cut to your desired lengths. LED lights are very bright but are low in voltage and always stay cool.

LED lighting and accessories can be purchased for baseboards such as the Baltimore or Houston baseboard molding for indirect lighting. Baseboard molding is an essential component of any room. Baseboards correspond with our range of crown molding for indirect lighting to ensure a matching and harmonizing interior and elegance. LED lights are an excellent choice for any home and extremely versatile. Beautiful LED lights can be installed into moldings and also on the floor. By creating a glowing effect, these lights will highlight any floor. When LED lights are installed on the floor, they can give the illusion that they are floating. These beautiful LED lights are not only durable and washable, walked on, and are both shock and stress resistant.

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molding for indirect lighting

$8.00$88.00 DKC3073P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large
$8.00$120.00 DKC3071P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick, large, medium
$8.00$88.00 DKC3072P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$88.80 DKC3068P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$88.00 DKC3061P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$94.80 DKC3062P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$84.00 DKC3064P
multiple sizes available6" sample, full size stick
$8.00$80.00 DKC3065P
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium
$173.80$399.80 RGBKITS

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