Wall Lanterns
wall lanterns

Lanterns in the Beginning

Before the wall lantern or the invention of the light bulb, light was derived from the sun, moon and the stars. Fire was most likely first discovered accidentally from lightning striking earth. Fire was a main source of not only light but heat. During the middle Ages the torch was constructed from natural fibers and made flammable from the use of oils. The original name for this torch to the French was the "flambeau." Oil, one of the earliest lighting materials, was derived from olives or animal and vegetable fats. The use of these fats put poorer people at a disadvantage because during times of poverty these oils would be essential in cooking and their diet. Although most lanterns were strictly functional the first king of the sixth dynasty, Teta, used these wall lanterns for the design of his interior spaces. The first oil lamp was recorded during the Stone Age and was practical until terra cotta, found on the Mesopotamian Plans, was used to craft lamps. The bronze wall lanterns similar to the ones offered here were first in use by the Egyptians. Many of the wall lanterns are adorned with a "chimney" top introduced by Swiss physicist, Aime Argand. Although the wall lantern's chimney is no longer essential to the design of the lantern it is important in preserving its historical elegance. The chimneys original purpose was to vent the lanterns and allow smoke to escape and enough air to enter so that the candle would burn through the night.

Wall lanterns are not only a decorative element to add to a room but they are also functional. In the past, wall lanterns were used only for practical purposes. They were hand-crafted by dedicated artisans similarly to the exquisite lanterns shown. The original wall lanterns were crafted with a highly polished back plate. This increased the functionality of the lantern because it increased the amount of light that was reflected into interior spaces. Lanterns have evolved today to include electricity. If you are looking for a safer way to illuminate your home try an electric lantern.

These beautiful wall lanterns are solid brass with antiqued brass and bronze finish. Wall lanterns are designed to hold one or two lights. Wall lanterns come with a beveled mirror or polished metal back and are designed for candelabra bulbs.

How to Choose Your Wall Lanterns

As humans we are always on the go, reaching out to try new foods, meet new people, and to develop and finesse who we are and our interests. It is impossible to choose the appropriate lighting fixtures for an interior space without really knowing how we want to feel. Americans lead busy lives with work, family and entertainment and there seems to be less and less time to sit back and relax. Choosing lighting fixtures for your home is not about what's popular or what looks the best, it is about how you feel when surrounded by the light your fixtures emit. Choosing the perfect light means having a few minutes to yourself and letting the light fill in the space of your day with a warm and relaxing feeling. How do you want to fill in your space?

When choosing wall lanterns it is important to consider how it will help to decorate your interior space. One of my favorite features of the wall lantern is its size. Wall lanterns can be placed in rooms lacking significant wall space. This is an extremely effective way to creatively decorate an interior space. The second important thing to consider when choosing a wall lantern is how light decorates a room. Lanterns give off a warm glow which creates a certain mood in an interior space. The level of light desired in a room will help to determine if you need other forms of lighting such as floor lamps. Try to be creative and play with the light to personalize your room.

Lanterns can create a traditional cozy atmosphere in your home. The bronze finish gives wall lanterns a very simple yet elegant look. If you live anywhere in New England you will instantly fall in love with the solid brass lighting fixtures. Beginning with the Puritans, wall lanterns such as these were used to light a dark passage to a neighbor's house or to illuminate interior spaces in a home. Even though back than wall lanterns were not electrified with these historical and modernized reproductions you can bring old world charm and add undeniable character into your interior. Many New England home owners are longing to create a more traditional and welcoming feel to their homes. Any of the wall lanterns from our collection along with beautiful wall sconces would go in sync with the spirit of a time-honored colonial home! Wall lanterns are favored by many because of their warm and undeniable elegance and charm.

The Impact of Wall Lanterns on the Room

The mirror on the back of the lanterns allows for a dazzling reflection doubling the amount of light. Wall Lanterns have windows on all three visible sides. This creates a light and airy feel and allows for light to illuminate interiors from every angle. All lanterns are reproductions of historical design. They are planned carefully and crafted delicately down to the last detail. Beautifully fashioned lockers tightly secure the lantern. This was important to the Puritans because the lock secured the doors which kept the candle protected and from blowing out.

The Antiqued finish masterfully applied on this wall lantern has a smoky feel to it which brings out a sense of history. This eye-catching brass has an antiqued finish and does not need to be polished. It not only looks beautiful but it has a protective finish that minimizes the brass tarnish. Two of the wall lanterns are crafted with a back mirror plate. A hectogram has been carefully etched into the mirrors. The eight sided star is a special symbol of sun, rejuvenation and fulfillment in ancient culture. With such a diverse background this design is sure to fit within any homes design scheme. These hand-etched geometric details help to refract the light and add an extra twinkle to your exquisite wall lantern. Many of the wall lighting fixtures have hand crafted ornamentation. Wall lanterns have delicately rounded feet and skillfully carved finials. These round finials adorn the top and bottom of the lantern. And the fan like details carefully painted in gold highlight the four corners. There is a wide variety of finials to fit any style of decor. Our most popular, urn design, comes on both the solid brass and antiqued brass electrified wall lanterns.

Filling in the empty Interior spaces of your home means understanding how the interior spaces of your body long to feel in any given room. Each room of your home is unique and there is not necessarily one type of lighting for each interior space. Wall lanterns complement any other lighting fixture and will always make you feel at home. Lanterns can be used alone or with other forms of lighting. These lighting fixtures are extremely versatile and there is no wrong way to use them. So, get creative, have so fun, and install a wall lantern that will allow you to fill up the empty spaces of your day with warmth and relaxation and will be sure to leave your guests glowing.