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alabaster table lamp
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Alabaster Lamps Are A Reflection Of Excellent Taste

Alabaster has been the chosen material for centuries to highlight one's exemplary taste in decorating and to showcase a fondness for alabaster's extraordinary beauty. Since medieval times, alabaster was used to create opulent and incredibly beautiful, useful and artistic items. Everything from exquisite letter openers to bookends, to early doll heads and limbs, chess pieces and even jewelry featured intriguingly colored, translucent, or pure white alabaster.

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In medieval times, alabaster was used to form religious statues and articles. Larger pieces were used as premium, ornamental stone. Once objects and statues were formed, they were often gilded with special decorative gilding paint and polished. Often times, pieces featuring elegant alabaster were found in places of worship and in railings used in staircases and in hallways. Alabaster lamps featured in fine homes today show a completely different and beautifully decorative, modern use for alabaster.

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Today, the center of the alabaster trade is found in Florence, Italy. Alabaster naturally features such qualities as translucency and a fine, buffed look of satin luster. Sometimes to change the translucent look of alabaster, a brand new look is created by gently immersing it in water, then the alabaster is heated slowly and to an exact temperature. This often gives alabaster the look of a fine semi-translucent marble called Marmo di Castellino. Differences in the way alabaster is gently heated creates the sophisticated look of a denser and finer, pure white appearance. This is the type of alabaster often featured in today's decorative alabaster lamps. Alabaster comes from either a white or tinted fine grain of gypsum, or it can also be formed from a type of calcite. It can either be left in its pure white state, or sometimes it's also gilded and banded to create a new, enhanced and more decorative look.

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Alabaster is often used in decorating fine estates and beautiful homes and is found in things like finials, knobs and book ends. Sometimes, it has even been used to create sculptural busts. The similarities of beautiful alabaster to fine granite become more clear when alabaster helps to form an inlay for fine furniture or when used in ornamental and decorative ways to create fine home accent pieces. The best alabaster lamps create a uniquely soft, translucent glow for lighting purposes. Using alabaster in home decorating showcases truly fine taste in home furnishings.




Using luxurious alabaster in home decorating creates a refined look. It is a look that expresses affection for the special accoutrements found in elegant home decor. Depending on the type of lampshade used on alabaster lamps, a room's look can go from elegant to vintage in moments. When decorating with alabaster, there is a lot of room for personalized creative expression.




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