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Embellishments for Traditional Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet details like fluted pilasters, wood trim created with decorative panel molding, corner blocks with hand-carved wood rosettes, and embellished wood crown molding distinguish traditional kitchen design. For the cabinet's door style, a raised panels with slightly arched top is the most popular. Complying with principles of Green Design, in you kitchen use the best organic materials for their intrinsic integrity and enduring superiority.

In order to bring your kitchen to loving vitality you need to use materials that are real rather than fake whenever possible. There is no substitute for wood, marble, granite, cotton and silk. An elegant countertop fabricated from marble or granite fits well into traditional setting. For kitchen island adornments you might consider beautiful hand-carved door panels and kitchen island legs. They can be used not just as a door panels but for the decoration of the kitchen island's front as well.

Corbels and brackets are one of the traditional kitchen embellishments and should not be looked at just as a functional kitchen hardware. They are very popular in traditional kitchens and used widely for decorative purposes as well as for kitchen counter support or under the kitchen hood. Corbels and brackets are available in wide variety of sizes and classical designs. It is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself through tasteful application of onlayed wood carvings and corbels in your kitchen.


Adding Character to Traditional Kitchen

You might be happy with the layout of your kitchen and already have good quality cabinets, but have a feeling that your kitchen lacks character and not fully expresses who you are. In this case you can give your kitchen a makeover without going into a large remodeling project.

You don't have to replace your kitchen cabinetry to get fine furniture-quality details. Instead, add decorative frieze wood molding, pierced wood molding, or wood crown molding on the top of existing cabinets and stain or paint it to mach existing finish. Likewise, you can replace old hardware with reproduction polished-brass door and drawer knobs or pulls for a finishing touch. Antique brass or pewter hardware and fittings will add an Old World touch. (see also kitchen cabinets updates).

Another way to add character to traditional kitchen is to add an open display shelves, by doing so you will gain not just a unique look by maximize your kitchen storage as well. If you already have open kitchen shelves you can embellish them using decorative molding.