Modern Kitchen

Colors of Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen's are often designed with neutral or monochromatic color scheme. Do not be intimidated by color. In fact, the kitchen is a perfect place to add some vivid colors, because most of the wall space is taken by the cabinets usually there is not much of the wall space left exposed.

The kitchen cabinets are the biggest investment for kitchen, so make them pop by choosing colors that will act as a perfect background. Mellow wall colors will make light kitchen cabinets blend-in, stronger more saturated colors will showcase the cabinets.

When selecting cabinets for your modern kitchen, pair a frameless door with a wood finish. Laminate cabinetry is still compatible with this style, but for an updated look, wood is it. For cotemporary kitchen light woods like maple or birch in clear finish are preferable.

color of modern kitchen

Materials and Finishes for Modern Kitchen

Don't be afraid to mix several materials or finishes, such as wood and metal. Make a strong statement by combining wood with various metals. Creative combinations of wood materials with granite, stainless steel, pewter, chrome, copper and brass on surfaces like cabinets, countertops, walls and floors will keep the overall appearance of the kitchen sleek but not sterile. If you decided to keep your walls neutral in color, you can bring them to life by application of glazed or textured finish.

modern kitchens can feature lots of metal without appearing antiseptic or cold. That's largely because designers balance the look by introducing vibrant colors and other materials into the room, such as ceramic tile or wood. Stainless steel used for a countertop, whether it is for the entire counter or just a section of it, can look quite sophisticated, especially with a wood trim. It's capacity to take high heat without scorching makes stainless steel countertops extremely practical. Stainless still is suitable as a landing strip for pots and pans straight from the cook-top. Water impervious quality makes stainless steel practical at the sink area as well. On the negative side, stainless steel can be noisy to work on, and it will show smudges.

Connecting your kitchen with outdoors and letting sunlight into the space will pay-of big time. Large windows, skylights, and French doors that lead to outdoor entertainment area not only add value to your home but connect you with nature, magnifying your spiritual energy. Capturing sun's energy will can reduce our heating bills as well (see Green Design: Solar Energy)

Furnishings for a modern kitchen tend to have a sleek architectural look, too. In fact, much of what is considered classic modern furniture has been designed by well-known twentieth-century architects. Chair and table legs are typically straight, with no turnings or ornamentation. For a sophisticated look, mix complementary materials; for example, pair a glass table with upholstered chairs or a metal table with wood chairs. Display modern pottery on a shelf or inside a glass cabinet.