Kitchen - The First Impression

You have to think about the line that your eye travels as you walk into the kitchen. The first thing that you would notice upon coming into the kitchen, the first thing that you would notice is whatever is across from the door. Usually, as the kitchens are arranged, the view is a window. Make sure it is a good view - style the windows with wood trim or window treatments that will definitely be eye-catching.

You may want to add a few potted plants on the window sill. If you do not have a window, you may even want to add a splash of color with art - add a very simple canvas that has a few splashes of colors that will go well with your design.

The worst thing that could happen to the first impression of the kitchen is running into a boring cabinets or even a outdated dishwasher. Hopefully that is not something you have to deal with. You should have already moved the appliances around if that is a problem.

Walk around the kitchen and see where your eye tends to linger - and consider that you might be looking at it because something is missing. If you see yourself in that position, do not hesitate to add some sort of a detail - splash of color or a shelf with a few tasteful accessories. If you happen to entertain in your kitchen, think about the atmosphere you would like to create for those occasions.

Make sure that when you place the items in a way that attracts the eye, that it helps move the eve around in a flowing motion, not have the eye jump from one item to another. Don't forget about symmetry and that no wall gets left out - as in that all walls should be looked at as the eye moves around.