Kitchen That Sells a House

The Kitchen is the ultimate tie breaker between two very similar looking homes. If the layout and most of the rooms are essentially identical, the sale goes to the house with the better kitchen. Before putting your house on the market check out the kitchens of your competitors and see what they are doing to spruce it up-are they offering some appliances or maybe they have some incredibly chic cabinetry.

When showing off your kitchen, concentrate on the improvements that you have made to it. That way the buyers will be ravished by everything that is new in the space. As for your target audience - there have been studies that have shown that women take greater interest in the kitchen quality and there have been studies that show that women and men take the same amount of interest in the kitchen. Some have noticed that there is a pattern of the West Coast being more "liberal" in comparison to the East Coast.

Our recommendation, do not buy into generalizations and air on the side of caution; just assume that men take equal interest in the kitchen no matter what.

To Reassure the First-Time Buyers

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house. Usually first time buyers like to have a kitchen that is ready to be used and that doesn't need any more work done on it to make it more acceptable.

Make sure that everything is perfect and in place-that the appliances look as best they can no matter what. Make sure to take any clutter out so that it will appear to be an efficient and comfortable place.

kitchen improvements for trade professionals

Impress the Trade-up Buyers

Trade-up buyers tend to look for a more up-scale kitchen. They are looking to be impressed by how current everything is - especially appliances and by how able they would be to entertain in the kitchen.

The young professionals live efficiently during the week - eat quickly and get on with their things, but love entertaining during the week. For them, then you should concentrate on how your kitchen would save them time with how efficient it is.

appealing kitchen improvements

Appealing to the Empty Nesters/Trade-down Buyers

This family is used to having a larger kitchen to accommodate a larger family. To appeal to them, you have to show them that your kitchen, even if it is not as big, is very efficient and spacious. Older couples have a more leisurely outlook on the kitchen. They have the most time out of anyone to use it - reading a newspaper or watching the television might be done in the kitchen. Concentrate on sufficient lighting for the room as well as any safety features.