Design and Color in the Kitchen

During the process of designing your kitchen you should always keep in mind the functionality of what you are about to put into the kitchen. It should be resistant to moisture and grease because it makes for an unsanitary environment. There are not enough times that you could possibly clean up or enough vents that you could use to circumvent the problem.

It is not too hard to find products that will fit your kitchen design - but you just must pay close attention. Look for products like paints, wallpapers, wallpaper glues, and fabrics with mildew ide in them which would be very helpful in a kitchen that happens to be not as ventilated as you would like. The smart choices of environmentally friendly materials will add not only add character and array of textures to your kitchen, but provide a proper ventilation and contribute to the indoor air quality.

kitchen design

Once you have chosen the kitchen style and color scheme for your kitchen, look for the design elements that carry the theme through. If you find certain prints or patterns that you like, you should choose your solid colors for large surfaces from there. There are many products designed for kitchen on the market reinterpreting or simply bringing back historical motifs.

Before doing anything, review the sight lines from outside the kitchen and any adjoining spaces, especially any areas you must pass through to get to the kitchen. Think of them sequentially. Ideally, there should be an interrelationship among all the patterns and colors that run from room to room. If you want stripes in the kitchen but an adjoining area has a floral print, coordinate the colors.

Before making any changes, you must think about the sightlines in the kitchen - what you will see when you first walk it, what can be seen outside of the kitchen.

A noticeable, bold pattern could easily make a larger kitchen feel more lived in and much cozier, but may make the smaller kitchens feel cramped. Horizontal designs will act like a road, guiding the eye of the viewer all around the room. A vertical design will draw the eye up, making the ceiling appear higher. Use patterns in your kitchen if you would like the appearance of a traditional room. If you would like to have a modern feel for the kitchen, then you should concentrate on the clean architectural lines by not using any patterns that would appear to be too pronounced.