decorating kitchen

Kitchen Decorating

Decorating Tips:

- In front of a kitchen window, put a flowering plant in an oversized terracotta pot, or pant violets in pinks and purples in smaller flowerpots to keep on the tiled windowsill. Even an old metal watering can filled with freshly cut daisies can add a hint of nostalgic texture.

- wrought iron rack can display several towels in front of a kitchen window.

- a dozen inexpensive plaid, checked, and striped cotton dish towels kept in a stack next to the kitchen sink will add softness.

Set out some fruit in a wooden bowl or in a basket on a tile or granite countertops, for a soft contrast. Beautiful hand-woven baskets can be found in all materials from all regions and cultures. Aside from being hand-made and functional, they're extremely decorative.

If your kitchen counters are wood, try a pottery or glass bowl with fruit.