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cottage style kitchen furniture

Cottage Style Furniture

The furniture commonly used in a cottage setting is furniture that once was received for outdoors or porches - wrought iron, hand-hammered metal, wicker, and rattan - but is now being brought indoors to add a breath of fresh air to the cottage kitchen.

You can also add teak, a type of wood not used for standard interior furniture, as well as other pieces of furniture that were intended for outdoor use. These type of furnishings are considered green furniture because it complies with principles of Green Design, and by incorporating such pieces of furniture in your design you will not only add charm to your cottage kitchen but contribute to the well being of our planet as well.

The relaxed designs and natural materials of furniture originally designed for outdoors does wonders to bring the cottage felling and garden spirit into your kitchen. The old-world craftsmanship hand-forged wrought-iron with split rattan is an exotic and as enchanting as a secret garden. A well designed, solidly constructed iron chairs are not only tasteful but a very stylish addition to the cottage kitchen.

The whole range of hand-carved oak, maple, and walnut furniture pieces designed for outside use are equally appropriate for cottage style interiors. Whether you select a rope-woven side-chair, a cane seat bench, or a teak dining table, what really matters most is whether the pieces have meaning to you. While planning your cottage kitchen it is a good idea to include a decent size farmhouse table in your plan, as well as a plate rack for displaying a pretty collection of Majolica or similar earthenware.

The iron table will also work well, it is not only pricelessly charming, but vitally energetic as well. Experiment with textures and styles of furniture. French garden chairs merge beautifully around a fruitwood farm table. A pair of bentwood chairs with carved seats looks harmonious with a marble-top counters. Some people use iron tables with glass top in their garden in the summer and bring them into a kitchen during winter time.

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Incorporating Flowers in Cottage Style Kitchen

Not only you can bring garden furniture and ornaments indoors but the garden itself as well. To counteract the inorganic materials that are inevitable in the today's kitchen and to enliven the space you should always have something alive and organic in your kitchen. Fresh-cut flowers and flowering plants do more for your kitchen than any other object of beauty, by bringing the sense of wonder, awe, grace, and faith. Even in the kitchen with small windows and dark wood cabinets a rainbow of colors in primary colors is magical. Flowers feed the soul, increase hope, and provide you with every color scheme you ever need.

Do not use a fake flowers in your cottage kitchen There is no substitute for fresh flowers and plants. While illusions some times are necessary in kitchen decorating, the false appearance of of fake flowers should be understood. They may fool the eye temporarily, but upon close examination you will inevitably notice dust on the fake petals.

While decorating your cottage style kitchen it is much better to have field flowers you gather from the walk, or a clear water glass brimming with buttercups and dandelions. Even one bud flowing in the water can become a delightful scene. Tending, arranging, and rearranging flowers, and the moments of contemplation you spend with your nose in a flower, pondering life's deepest mysteries, are essential to the human spirit.

With fake flowers, you miss not only the fragrance, but also the beauty of the emergence of a blossom. The fragility of a flower is a metaphor for life's brevity and preciousness. You have to take time to enjoy the flower in bloom and appreciate it fully while it is alive rather than miss it all and settle for the potpourri. Fresh flowers in the kitchen increase your pleasure in daily tasks. The fresh flowers in the kitchen as important to our spiritual nourishment as fresh food is to our physical bodies.