cottage kitchen
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cottage style kitchen

cottage style kitchen

Cottage Style Kitchen

Cozy, casual and inviting, inspired by the English-country style, cottage style arouses a hearty charm in us, a longing for the unprepossessing lifestyle where the elements of your kitchen speak of a love of life, home, family, and objects fine-woven by our human heart.

Cottage style in the kitchen is appealing because of its warm and relaxed atmosphere. Through the use of cheerful colors and vivid textures you can infuse an ecstatic energy and feeling charm in the cottage style kitchen.

Be playful with the wall color in your cottage kitchen. Use them to transform your kitchen so it abound with vibrancy and light. Each morning when you walk into a cheerful, bright kitchen, you immediately will be charged for the rest of your day with greater joy and energy that you could ever imagine.

Dare to experiment with colors and finishes. Paint the walls yellow and then highlight them using sponge with warm off-white paint (as shown on the picture above). It will make your kitchen seem to be bathed in a never-ending sunshine. Let your imagination liberate you so you feel illuminated by the mystery and magic of color, and the glory of your living design creation.

cottage kitchen materials

Materials for Cottage Kitchen

Ceramic tiles, stone, brick or wide wood planks are most often used as a flooring material for cottage style kitchens. Bead-board on the walls or ceiling always looks at home in the cottage kitchen.

Old brick is always at home in the cottage style kitchen. You can use brick as a back-splash or as a surround at the cooker. The red brick color and rustic texture blend well together. Brick can be waxed and polished, over the years it will gain a patina and richness without a formal look. The floors, brick-lined wall, and view of mature trees or beautiful garden always works together to create a warm, harmonious atmosphere of cottage living.

If you love an old brick with it old mellow texture and want some in your house, the cottage style kitchen is a perfect place for it. One of the reasons we identify with brick is the feeling it gives us of being outdoors in fresh air and sunlight, in an enchanted garden or on a secret rambling path.