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Delray kitchen island with bar stools
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Kitchen Islands and Peninsulas

Do you find yourself traveling from area to area when cooking in your kitchen? Are you short of storage space? Do you end up looking into a wall or having your back to your company while cooking? The solution to these problems is the centrally located kitchen island. The anchor of a busy kitchen, the island is a multi-talented fixture that provides a working surface and pivotal location for preparing food while helping to stylistically shape the room. Many of today's kitchen islands are spectacularly designed in both the form and functions they provide. Alluring silhouettes, multilevel surfaces, and varied head-turning materials are imaginatively combined. Built-in wine racks, adjustable shelving, rinsing sinks, cooktops, and warming drawers are just a number of the "bells and whistles" that accompany the well-equipped island. Keeping the island appropriately scaled to the rest of the kitchen is important. Many islands appear too large for the kitchen in which they are placed. An island should not be so big as to hinder movement in the room or visually bully the space with its size. Like cabinetry, it should be considered a piece of furniture that is thoughtfully integrated into the space and design of the room.

In a roomy layout, you can shorten the distance between the three key work areas by adding an island or peninsula. A peninsula base and ceiling-hung cabinets offer convenient storage for tableware and linens. In an L- or U-shaped kitchen, an island can add visual interest, breaking up the space without confining it. It also provides an extra work surface, a convenient spot for snacks or informal meals, as well as a place for setting up a buffet when entertaining.

A kitchen island can also serve as an excellent location for a cook top or second sink, if plumbing and ventilation hookups permit. It could also prove the ideal spot for a wine rack or cooler, a wet bar, warming drawers, modular refrigerator units, or additional general storage. For maximum efficiency, be sure the design provides a clearance of 48 inches from the island kitchen to the wall cabinets.

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It's a given in just about every kitchen, regardless of the existing layout and size: you always need more space for storage and for food preparation. A kitchen island can solve this problem perfectly, as kitchen islands are the ideal combination of practicality and beauty. Not only will this versatile addition to your kitchen provide ample space for storing appliances, bowls, plates, and other kitchen tools, but the top of the island allows extra space for food preparation, an ideal place to put groceries away, or even seating for extra guests at mealtimes..... continue reading about kitchen islands >>

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kitchen islands quickly become the hub of any kitchen
Many homes feature that one place where everyone feels inexplicably drawn to gather. In some homes, this special place can be a favorite piece of over sized, comfortable living room furniture. In the kitchen, this place is most often the kitchen island. When kitchen islands are placed in the kitchen, they are not only a prime focal point, they become the one place where everyone ends up congregating to talk about the days events. The person cooking the meal no longer has to feel as if they are relegated to the kitchen. They can now be totally involved in all the conversations and happenings within the home... more about about kitchen islands >>