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Versatile Kitchen Islands

It's a given in just about every kitchen, regardless of the existing layout and size: you always need more space for storage and for food preparation. A kitchen island can solve this problem perfectly, as kitchen islands are the ideal combination of practicality and beauty. Not only will this versatile addition to your kitchen provide ample space for storing appliances, bowls, plates, and other kitchen tools, but the top of the island allows extra space for food preparation, an ideal place to put groceries away, or even seating for extra guests at mealtimes.

To obtain extra space in your existing kitchen, you could undertake a lengthy and expensive remodeling project that will introduce messy dust throughout your home for several months. A ready-made island is a much better solution to this situation; in no time at all, you'll be enjoying the luxury of placing all of your most-used kitchen items in convenient drawers, shelves, and cupboards, and you'll have ample space to prepare food on the top of the island. An optional food-safe butcher block top helps to make food preparation tasks even easier.

Be sure to think about your existing kitchen's style and color scheme as you select the best island for your kitchen. Are you looking for something modern in style, or would a more traditional island be a better fit in your kitchen? What colors would coordinate best with your existing decor? What should the kitchen island legs look like? How will the storage spaces be utilized? Do you want a butcher block top, or would you rather have the top coordinate with your existing counter tops? What size should the island be to allow for additional functionality and to scale properly to the size of your kitchen?

It's important to also give some thought to where your kitchen island will be located. Consider the "work triangle" that is a standard tool in kitchen design; this is the ergonomic triangle with the points formed by the existing kitchen's sink, refrigerator, and cook top. Kitchen islands need to be located in a spot that coordinates with the existing work triangle in order to optimize their functionality as an addition to your kitchen. Functionality for accomplishing work is just one advantage of kitchen islands; the kitchen is becoming a central area for entertaining, so an island can help to give a group the perfect place to gather. If additional seating would be beneficial, look for kitchen island legs that raise the island to a height where people can be comfortably seated at the island.

The best islands for your kitchen will allow customization so that they fit well into your lifestyle and provide space for your kitchen and food items. For example, a wine storage rack within the island can provide an excellent place to stash your wine bottles, and the wine is then within easy reach for entertaining or to pop it into the refrigerator to chill. Adjustable shelving allows you to increase or decrease the shelf heights so that the space is best utilized to fit the items that you wish to store.

A kitchen island can provide a multitude of benefits that make your life easier and your kitchen tasks more convenient. In addition, an island can accomplish all of this while also adding style and beauty to your kitchen's appearance. Whether you select an island that blends with the existing cabinetry and counter tops or an island that stands out as a focal point, there's no doubt that you will wonder how you ever lived without this helpful addition to your.

kitchen islans and peninsulas

kitchen islands and peninsulas
Do you find yourself traveling from area to area when cooking in your kitchen? Are you short of storage space? Do you end up looking into a wall or having your back to your company while cooking? The solution to these problems is the centrally located kitchen island. The anchor of a busy kitchen, the island is a multi-talented fixture that provides a working surface and pivotal location for preparing food while helping to stylistically shape the room. Many of today's kitchen islands are spectacularly designed in both the form and functions they provide. Alluring silhouettes, multilevel surfaces, and varied head-turning materials are imaginatively combined...... continue reading about kitchen islands and peninsulas >>

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kitchen islands quickly become the hub of any kitchen
Many homes feature that one place where everyone feels inexplicably drawn to gather. In some homes, this special place can be a favorite piece of over sized, comfortable living room furniture. In the kitchen, this place is most often the kitchen island. When kitchen islands are placed in the kitchen, they are not only a prime focal point, they become the one place where everyone ends up congregating to talk about the days events. The person cooking the meal no longer has to feel as if they are relegated to the kitchen. They can now be totally involved in all the conversations and happenings within the home... more about about kitchen islands >>