counter brackets

Expert Advice:
When rich color development is desired to highlight the carving details on wood brackets try this multi-layered finish. In this example the dark glaze undertone accentuates the beautifully hand carved details of the grapes and vines allowing them to come alive.

Remember - light kitchen cabinets as shown or in maple will not only brighten up the space it will also make a small kitchen area seem even larger.

The wonderful design of David's kitchen features a dynamic contrast of the lightness of the maple cabinets and the darkness of the sleek granite countertop. The generous use of reflective surfaces (stainless-steel appliances, granite counters) amplifies the natural light streaming through the windows. David gave the wood brackets a complex multilayered antiqued finish to highlight their beautiful hand carved design.

The brackets serve as a dramatic transition between granite countertop and light kitchen cabinetry. The grape motif carving on the Tucson wood bracket ties the kitchen's traditional/country look together beautifully.
brackets for granite counter support