countertop brackets

Expert Advice:

When selecting wood brackets for a kitchen countertop overhang the depth of the brackets should be at least half the depth of the overhang. Additionally, you will need a wood bracket about every three feet. This will ensure proper support and give you project balance.

A creative approach for adding an additional support to a granite or marble kitchen counter is two use decorative corbels or brackets. Our wood brackets are the best option because traditionally, their intended purpose is to support a structure; and the richness of the hand carved detailing greatly contributes to the overall design of the project.

These corbels are painted in an opaque white finish, matching the finish of the cabinets nicely. Overall, this lends a polished, continuous look to this kitchen. The design of the bracket itself suggests solid craftsmanship and sturdy character; exactly what is needed when supporting a heavy stone countertop.
brackets for kitchen countertop support