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Kitchen Embellishments

Your kitchen is the most lived in room in your home - why not add some pizzazz?

For many homeowners, the kitchen quickly becomes the most lived-in room in the house. It's really not a surprise when you consider all that goes on in a kitchen, from entertaining and meal preparation to heartfelt conversations, and from homework to a myriad of do-it-yourself and craft projects. Indeed, for many families the kitchen is used many times more often than the living room or other common rooms.

While a fully-functional kitchen makes all of these activities possible, most homeowners want their kitchen to accomplish more. The kitchen should not only be a place where tasks are completed, but it should also be a warm and inviting room, one where guests and family members alike enjoy spending their time. Although kitchens allow fewer opportunities for decorating options than dining rooms or living rooms, there are a number of interesting and beautiful ways to embellish your kitchen, such as wood rosettes, corbels, and onlays.

Wood rosettes provide the perfect finishing touches to cabinets and other furniture; these hand-carved decorations feature floral, geometric, and whimsical designs crafted from quality hardwood materials. Rosettes can coordinate with existing cabinetry, since available choices in wood include alder, cherry, maple, red oak, and white oak. If more contrast is desired, homeowners can choose rosette designs in woods that provide contrast with other types of wood within the existing kitchen design.

For providing support to the kitchen's counter top overhangs, shelves, cabinetry, or stove hoods, carved wood corbels offer just the right blend of form and function. These solid wooden corbels are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and designs to coordinate beautifully with the existing decorating scheme for any kitchen. Depending on the desired statement, corbel designs can seamlessly mesh with cabinetry and other kitchen furniture, or they can be used to make a dramatic design statement in much the same way as a piece of fine art.

For sheer versatility in adding style and pizzazz to any kitchen, wood onlays rival any other decorating item. Hand-carved from a variety of hardwood materials, the onlay choices can add visual interest to any flat area within the kitchen, from cabinets and drawer fronts to stove hoods and even bare walls. Picture a graceful carved arch design above the doorway or an intricate applique on a cabinet door that draws the attention as a focal point. Wooden onlay pieces can be used in a wide variety of ways; the only limitation is the homeowner's imagination.

If your kitchen is the room where you and your loved ones spend many happy hours, doesn't it make sense to invest the time and effort to make the kitchen more harmonious and enjoyable to spend time in? Don't forget the special embellishment details like wooden corbels, onlays, and rosettes in alder, cherry, maple, red oak, or white oak to complete the perfect look to update your kitchen. These finishing touches are truly what make a house to become a home.