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Cabinet Hardware

The hardware you choose for your cabinets can make or break the overall look of the kitchen. This may sound a bit strong, but it's true. Cabinet hardware can be bland, it can disappear within the cabinets, it can serve as a transition between materials (such as stainless steel pulls on dark maple cabinets with a stainless steel countertop), or it can create a bold statement.

Gone are the days when you chose between a ceramic knob (white) or pulls in silver, gold, brass, or copper finish in one of three or four styles. Now, the choices are staggering. You'll find all types of materials and finishes.

Styles range from classic round knobs to handcrafted sculptural creations. Pulls in particular have enjoyed a renaissance in style: exiting shapes such as leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables, bugs, and animals, to name a few.

decorative hardware
decorative hardware