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Sculptured Molding Collection Debuts, Lavish Designs Deliver Opulence to the Populace
luxury wood molding

Ask any homeowner today, and they will tell you that two words could not go together less than luxury and affordable. "You always get what you pay for," says one homeowner, "and sometimes, you get even less." This sentiment is exactly what the design professionals at InvitingHome.com had in mind when they introduced the newest decorative molding line: the Sculptured Wood Molding Collection.

The finished look is simply posh, but the bottom line is a fraction of what it would cost to complete the same project with hand-carved moldings. The key to the line's economy is in its production. Instead of being carved directly from the wood's background itself, the sculptured design is "molded" directly onto the molding. Made from a durable wooden composite material, the sculptured design is the same density of the wood molding, and cannot be differentiated as a separate element once the molding is finished with stain or paint.

A survey of the sculptured molding collection reveals an extraordinary choice of detailed designs. Also extraordinary, are the combinations that are possible by coordinating the different types and sizes of sculptured molding available, such as crown molding, frieze molding, panel molding, chair-rail molding, baseboard molding, window and door trim molding, and back-band molding.

"It's quite notable, the difference the sculptured wood molding has made in my home," says one customer. "I'm pleased with the results. The sculptured wood molding definitely exudes an element of sophistication. It's impressive that just by adding the sculptured wood molding; the atmospheres of the rooms have changed."

The design professionals at InvitingHome.com expect that the sculptured wood molding collection will join the ranks of the best-selling products they offer. Interest in the sculptured wood moldings took flight almost immediately after its release. "We've had a number of inquiries so far," says one of the designers. "I've noticed that the general response to this line is one of curiosity and almost a guarded kind of incredulity. But once the client views a sample, they are blown away by the quality of the product."

The luxuriously designed sculptured wood molding collection may be viewed through the InvitingHome.com website, in addition to product details and further information regarding finishing and installation. InvitingHome.com encourages the informed consumer to bookmark their web-page, and use as a resource the expertise offered by their design professionals.

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