How to Choose Interior Colors

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hand-painted cabinets and chests
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Choosing Colors that Right for You

Think of color as a mystical force that can enhance and stimulate your non biological self or depress it.

While certain colors elevate your personal vital energy, others darken your spirit. Think of yourself as an alchemist capable of transmuting base colors to radiant, golden light.

In color you have a magic wand that you can use in hundreds of ways every day to create more joyful moments where you feel you are living in pure light.

Choose only colors that carry positive associations for you.

- Look through decorating and gardening magazines to explore what colors attract your eye.

- Study the palettes of Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard, and Henri Matisse.

- Remember how colors speak for you and about you. Your personal color palette is your integrity, your voice; it should never be compromised.

- Let your colors refresh you, uplift you, and caress your inner light. Become a colorist and an artist who paints with life-sustaining colors that bring hope, increase faith, and make everyone feel happier.

There is a superiority in clear, saturated colors. In art, textile design, and other objects, colors should make your heart leap for joy. If there is no luminosity, no refreshing crispness or childlike clarity, chances are the colors are for someone else.


expressing personality with color
Each color has own personality whether it was happy or sad, old or young. Dusty colors are sad, because they make us think of old, feeble people living in dreary, dusty rooms because they can't see well enough to keep things from looking run down. But so many people willingly choose to live with these dirt-camouflaging colors because it is safer for them to have no clear colors than to expose their inner world. If you really like dusty, musty colors for your rooms, you must understand how much your mood and energy will be influenced by them... read more about expressing personality with color >>

How can you have more color-love?
You have to wrap your heart, mind, and soul around pure, vibrant hues, and look to nature and artists who see life as a beautiful place for inspiration. And you have to trust your intuition when selecting colors for your personal color palette. Don't look at fashion trends or be guided by what's displayed in showroom and stores. So-called experts may try to convince you that bland, artificial, "neutral" tones are calming, whereas in reality they are more likely to shut down, not soothe, the human spirit... more on decorating with color >>