wood fireplace mantel installation instructions

fireplace mantel installation instructions

Wood Fireplace Mantels Assembly

Assemble on a soft surface to avoid damage to the wood. Place the mantel assembly face down on the floor. Slide legs into position with screw block inside mantel assembly.

Check that the leg is 90 degrees to the mantel assembly and screw together with the included hardware. (See Figure 1)

fireplace mantel installation instructions

1. Set mantel surround assembly against the face of the fireplace / wall.

2. Adjust mantel so it will have the same distance exposure of marble, stone, or brick on each side of the opening.

3. Place a level on the mantel shelf. Level unit by placing shims on whichever side needs to be raised to obtain a level shelf mantel.

4. Using a pencil, scribe or outline the the top and sides of the surround, making sure that the assembly is level and straight.

5. Remove the mantel.

6. Determine the width if the return sides and the top and at this point, mount three (1″ x 4″ x 36″) wood strips 11/16″ from pencil outline to the wall. (See Figure 2).

7. Place surround mantel assembly against wall over the installed wood strips.

8. Drill small holes in sides of mantel and legs to prevent splitting.

9. Using small finishing nails, nail mantel surround along sides and at the top to secure to wall.

10. Cover nail holes with putty or a wood filler and touch up according to match the desired finish.

Wood Fireplace Mantels Finishing

Decide upon the type of finish you wish to use. If it is a stain or varnish, we recommend trying it out on an inconspicuous area of the surround so that it produces the desired finish. If staining, use a mixture of varnish and stain to avoid an uneven finish. Some brands are available ready mixed. Example Behr Products, Min Wax. Follow manufacturers instructions.