polyurethane corbel installation instructions

Corbels add an extra facet of architectural ornaments to archways, cornices and even fine kitchen cabinetry. Corbels made from high-density furniture grade polyurethane. Our corbels are exquisitely detailed from hand-crafted molds insuring a quality product every time. All corbels can be finished with either latex oil base paint.

Tools and Material for corbels installation

– Sponge or clean cloth.
– Caulking gun.
– Elastomeric adhesive caulk.

Optional Tools and Material for Corbels Installation:

– Putty knife.
– Hammer and nail set.
– 6d or 8d finishing nails (bright finish or electro-galvanized) fasteners must penetrate substrate a min. of 1/2 to 3/4 inches.
– Extra fine sandpaper.

Before Corbels Installation

You can finish (paint or faux finish) corbels before or after installation.

After installation touch-up any area as needed.

Surface Preparation for Corbels Installation:

Clean all surfaces free of dirt and loose particles with a clean cloth or sponge.

Make sure area is completely dry before installing corbels.

Measure and mark the location where you want to install corbels.

General Corbels Installation

Lay the corbels face down on a surface that will not mar the product face, such as a clean cloth.

Apply a 1/2″ continuous bead of adhesive/caulk along the back edge of the corbels (A).

Gently press corbels into place.

Apply caulk to corbels edges and smooth excess caulk with you finger or putty knife, giving the appearance of corbel being part of the wall (B). With a damp sponge wipe any excess adhesive/caulk from edges.

Option: You may want to tack or secure corbels into place using finishing nails. If you want to remove nails after adhesive/caulk dries, leave approximately 1/2″ nail exposed for easy removal.

Tip: Nail components in ornamentation areas of corbels into wall. When adhesive/caulk dries (approx. 2-3 hours) either remove finishing nails or use nail set to countersink nails, making sure that nails penetrate wall at least 1/2″ to 3/4″.

Fill nail holes with adhesive/caulk – smooth the surface with your finger or putty knife. once caulk is dry and if needed lightly sand any rough spots on corbels with extra fine sandpaper.

Touch up corbels with paint as needed.

when installing a stair brackets always follow this safety suggestions:

Follow good construction practices.

When using power tools, adhesive and finishing materials (such as paint or stain), be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Always wear safety goggles when using a power tool or hammer.

Always use the right tool and/or equipment for the job.

General Precautions

Corbels function as a decorative element only, and are not designed to support electrical fixtures or provide any load bearing capacity.

InvitingHome.com shall not be responsible if any failure to comply with these installation instructions results in the product failing to perform the purpose intended

manufacturer warranty

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corbel installation instructions

apply continuous bead of adhesive to edges of corbels

corbel installation instructions

apply pintable caulk to edges of corbels