Bahama Shutters Installation Instructions

bahama storm shutters

Bahamas Shutters Measuring

Atlantic Bahamas Shutters are designed to fit over the window opening, not into the trap.

When measuring, measure the width and height of the window opening and add 3" to both the width and the height. This allows the shutter to be 1-1/2" larger than the actual window opening on all sides.

The 10" overhang on both sides provides room to attach the tilt arms to the shutter.

Shutter height can be 1-1/2" taller than window opening rather than 3" if there is a sill in the way of closing.

Due to louver placement Shutter sizes are shown at 1-1/2" increment. Please take this into account for proper closing

storm-rated shutters

Bahama Shutters Installation

1. Pre-drill the aluminum female hinge with screw holes 8" on center.

2. Connect the female hinge to the male hinge on the shutter by sliding the two together.

3. Place the shutter in the desired closed position then rotate the female hinge until it rests flat against the wall of the structure. Use the pre-drilled holes on the female hinge to mark for pre-drilling into the wall.

After removing the female hinge from the shutter, screw the female hinge to the wall and then slide the shutter with the male hinge back onto the wall mounted female hinge.

storm shutters installation

NOTE Female hinge clearance is not factored into overall shutter height. The Male hinge is approximately 1

storm shutters installation

Tilt Arms Installation

shutters tilt arms installation

1. Attach a nylon hinge/eye to each stile approximately 2" from the bottom, with the screw holes 3/4" inward from the outside edge.

After mounting the hinge/eyes to the shutter, allow the shutter to hang from the top mounted hinge.

2. Position a second hinge/eye on the wall so both hinge/eyes can be pinned together when the shutter is in the closed position. Mark the location and attach the hinge/eye to the building.

Repeat this procedure for the other stile.

3. Open the shutter so the louvers are horizontal, providing the best view outwards, or however far you prefer. Measure the distance between the hinge/eye on the shutter and the hinge/eye on the wall.

4. Cut the tilt arms to length, being sure to allow for the nylon end caps. Connect the tilt arms to the hinge/eyes using the clevis pins which are provided.

Storm shutters should have nylon hinge/eye clips at each bottom corner and at third points across the bottom rail. Stiles should have nylon hinge/eye clips at each bottom corner and at third points up each stile. This will allow for shutter to be secured when closed for storm protection.

shutters wirh tilt arms

Hardware and Examples of Installation

hardware installation

Bahama Storm System

bahama storm shutter storm hardware kits for Bahama shutters

The Bahama Storm System meets the State of Florida Building Code 2006. System includes:

- Architectural Collection Bahama style shutter.

- Can be ordered in 1/8" width and 1-1/2" height increments to a maximum of 60" w x 103" h.

- A 1/8" thick polycarbonate panel that is permanently attached to the back of the shutter.

- A camelback locking system, which has been specifically designed for Bahama shutters, is installed along the sides of the shutter. Bahama Storm Shutters have been independently tested to a Design Pressure (DP) of 60 PSF.

storm shutters installation
storm shutters installation