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Fireplace Mantel Shelves Installation

Application Notes

The flat back edge of the Mantel Shelf assumes a uniform wall. Not for installation over stone.
step 1
leveled cleat for mantel shelves

- ensure cleat is level then mark, drill and install remaining screws.

Note: install at least one screw into each available stud along the cleat length

step 2
mantel shelves cleat installation

- determine location for mantel shelf installation.

- drill and install the first screw.

Note: it is recommended to use longer lengths screws to insure that the cleat is firmly attached to the internal wall studs

step 3
mount wood mantel base

mount wood mantel base on cleat
step 4
mantel shelf installation

be sure that shelf is placed snug to the wall
step 5
securing wood mantel base to the cleat

secure wood mantel base to the cleat with provided screws into pre-drilled holes

step 6
mantel shelves granite top installation

- apply silicon sealant to top of mantel base.
- place mantel stone on mantel base insuring consistent reveal on all sides.

Note: safe handling of mantel stone requires two person

Typical mantel shelf installation takes about 1 hour