large Montgomery cove molding

large Montgomery cove molding
classic panel molding

Classic panel molding
designer - Natella Balan (NB Decor)
living room with architectural details
architectural details

Architectural Details as the Home's Layers

If architectural details can be thought of as the layers making up a home's image, then columns and pilasters can be thought of as the home's version of a power suit. These impressive architectural details are not for the fainthearted, as they can hardly be thought of as creating a subtle impact. Traditionally associated with the power of ancient Greece and Rome, today, more often than not, columns are readily spotted outside of government buildings and grand, stately homes. However, columns and pilasters can lend their looks of tradition and dominance to the interiors of the average homeowner. "One extremely popular trend in home design is the concept of the open-floor plan. Lofts and wide airy spaces are all the rage right now, but despite this, some homeowners still want create a separation from one part of the space to the other, without loosing the overall airiness of the open-floor concept. One way to create this separation is by strategically placing columns to create this separation, this way, the open-floor plan is maintained and each section of the space is clearly defined by the columns, says the designer. "And because of the general public's associations with them, columns bring a lot of substance to a home's interior."

The French call it "je ne sais quoi" which roughly translates to "that certain something." It is not enough for a fashionable person who always appears pulled together to be bestowed with je ne sais quoi; there is always something else about them, perhaps something about the way they walk. It is the elusive element; the mystique or aura that someone or something possesses, some sort of charm that you cannot quite put your finger on. The well dressed home, rich in architectural details certainly possesses this mystique. And so it seems that "Naked Interiors Syndrome" isn't so fictitious after all. "The website is designed to enhance the image of the home. We want today's homeowner to use our website as a resource for achieving the look they want for their home. Think of as an online, personal stylist for today's inviting home," says this designer.