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Interior Design Inspiration - Embellish Your Home

decorative stair brackets

From simple contemporary designs to more elaborate styles, decorative stair brackets help to provide a finished look to a set of stairs

home entrance to remember

home entrance to remember. The entrance can help create a lasting first impression of your home

memorable home entrance

The entrance to a home shouldn't be an afterthought. Much more than just a doorway into the home, it's a welcoming expression of the owner's style

staircase design with stair brackets

A staircase is a focal point for the home, a way to set the tone and mood for a room, and an expression of your style and taste

gorgeous architectural details

Interesting architectural details such as corbels and brackets, pilasters, and molding trim add character and pizzazz to your home

well appointed home entry

Whether your property is a condo or a detached single-family home, the entry will make a lasting first impression that will remain with the buyer throughout the rest of the tour

home entry design ideas

There are timeless architectural details that graced homes for centuries but have disappeared from most of today's homes

staircase details

Staircase not only offer a practical way to get between your home's different floors but also are an integral design element within the home

quality hand-carved staircase details

It is important to have only quality staircase details due to the fact that it is the most dramatic part of the staircase that is impossible to miss

staircase design imspiration

Staircase embellishments like balusters and newels help to refine an existing staircase and can even transform it into a showpiece element of the home's decor

interiors architectural details

To complete the decor of a room, don't neglect the finishing details like moldings, ceiling medallions, and ceiling domes

fireplace mantel with corbels and carvings

As a powerful symbol of domestic life, fireplace mantel have received special attention by designers throughout history

built-in fireplace with shell carving

I thought you might like to see the finished product - here is a photo of our bedroom fireplace and cabinetry, with your wood carvings...

staircase with stair brackets and panel molding

Addition of architectural detailing on this staircase makes it more elegant and gives a welcoming feel

home entrance facelift

Try to decorate your home around its existing architecture or create architecture where none exists

home entrance door with panel molding

Door trim If the rest of your home features traditional architectural detail and if you have a plain flat door, it's easy to reproduce the look of a raised-panel door

small bedroom built-uns

Softly glowing lights above a headboard supply a warm, relaxing and welcoming ambiance to this pretty indoor escape

living room inspiration

Add elegance to the room while still keeping an earthy feel by featuring these beautiful and special hardwood architectural details

gorgeous corridor with moldings and other architectural embellishments

gorgeous corridor with moldings and other architectural embellishments

room with molding for walls and ceiling

When choosing molding, the way you plan on finishing them can help you decide the best material to use