lighting and shape
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Lighting and Shape

Lighting to Define

More than any other single home design element, lighting gives form and shape to space. The way we see the shape of an object depends on the brightness of its certain parts and on its shadows distribution. This is means that lighting can manipulate the visual shape of an object. Lighting can make any interior object appear bigger or smaller, sharper or less defined.

The important thing here is to choose the right angle of projected light. If a voluminous object is illuminated from all sides it will appear flat. This is because when light of same intensity comes from all sides objects tend to visually lose volume.

Lighting to Enhance

Balance plays an essential part in the lighting of the home. The best results in a home interior are achieved using a combination of direct lighting and indirect (or reflective) lighting. The combination of these two types of light is very important.

For example, when working on displaying objects such as human statue that has a very define forms, deep relieves, more important role will play a soft reflected light.

Lighting to Highlight

On the opposite side, if you are displaying large volume object like round jar, for example, the strong direct lighting will play a more important role.

Using lighting fixtures that give direct lighting it is necessary to avoid unwanted shadows that can change the shape of illuminated object as well as the shape of interior in whole.

Inconsistently illuminated surface gives an impression that different parts of it are located on different levels.

Experimenting with lighting fixtures that provide different types of lighting (soft, hard, direct, indirect, up light or down light) you can create a variety of lighting dynamics in your home interior.