quality hand-carved staircase details
staircase details

Staircase Details

It is important to have only quality staircase details due to the fact that it is the most dramatic part of the staircase that is impossible to miss. It draws a visual line hat your eye follows thoroughly - vertically than horizontally, observing every detail of the staircase. Our wood balusters and newels are hand-carved from only the highest grade of wood.

The quality balusters and newels come ready to accept stain or paint readily for beautiful results. The staircase details are made from three premium hardwoods that you can choose from - hard maple, cherry, and white oak.

The overall designs of stair cases and staircase details have changed dramatically over time. Stair cases went from being completely unnoticeable compact parts of the house which were there solely for its function to being an amazing and majestic decorative item making the actual details of the staircase an important element to consider. It could easily be thought of as a sculpture due to it having the potential of truly becoming something special. Installing decorative staircase parts is an easy way to give your home the facelift it deserves.

You have a choice as to who you would like your staircase to look like - would you like it to be an over-the-post railing, or a post-to-post railing. The over-the-post railing connects all of the balusters and newels in one piece right over the top, while the post-to-post railing connects from post to post until it runs into the wall, which is when you must take a half of a newel and install it into the wall and connect the railing to it that way.