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Parts for Staircase

Staircase not only offer a practical way to get between your home's different floors but also are an integral design element within the home - truly a focal point for the home that is what picking out the right staircase parts is important. Whether a grand front staircase or a back hall stair, the design should always work into the architectural theme of the home with all of the parts of the staircase.

There are as many styles of staircase parts as there are home styles, so your home design will determine your staircase design. Today, many homes draw on the tradition of classical architecture to create neoclassical styles. The neoclassical incorporates balance and harmony of design, rather than strictly copying a historical style. With all of the different designs for staircase parts, there are plenty of places to get the right style staircase parts that you need.

If you are working with a clean slate (new construction), placing the staircase in your home will be an easy task; if you are renovating your home, moving a staircase might be expensive and challenging. Stairs also take up space within the home and have the greatest impact on the floor plan. If you are planning to replace a staircase, work with an architect before taking out the old and replacing it with the new. Also check your local building codes to determine what the stair regulations are in your state and country.