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Running Coin IV Ceiling Rim
Project by John L. Jeffcoat

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ceiling decor with ceiling lighti and ceiling rim
ceiling decor project

Ceiling Decor Project

Rather than putting this decorative ring around a center medallion, or around a chandelier; I chose to put it around a very large and flat flush-mounted custom light fixture. I call it my "foyer pancake light" because it is 32 inches in diameter, and takes 8 full-size light bulbs, but it only projects about 10 inches from the ceiling.

As you can see from the photos, we painted the area in-between the rim and the light fixture a "chocolate milk" color, while the rest of the ceiling is an antique white, and the rim itself is bright white. You will notice that we were able to incorporate the rather inconveniently-located ceiling sprinkler head into the design, exactly in the middle of the inner circle area.

The finished result is striking, and it actually makes the light fixture look even bigger, as through the light fixture, the rim, and the area in-between is now all "one thing" five feet in diameter.

A word of encouragement to your customers... don't panic if the four-piece rim you install has gaps between the pieces and doesn't look perfect when you nail it up at first. As long as you have it aligned closely, it will all look A LOT BETTER as soon as you caulk it... the caulk takes up all the gaps and seams, and gives it a one-piece-look with barely-visible seams.

By the way... I am the world's largest dealer of rare and antique Bibles (see my website at WWW.GREATSITE.COM) and you can see several ancient Bibles on the bookshelves in the background of one of the photos.

Best Wishes,
John L. Jeffcott