Expending Space with Lighting

To make ceiling appear higher you can do several things:

The color of the ceiling should be much lighter then the walls.

Very light floors with reflective surface tend to visually lover the space. By making the floor darker and using a matt finish on it you will make space appear higher. If you do have light color floors it doesn't mean that you have to refinish them. For this matter, placing a nice area rug with colors that are darker than the walls will do the trick.

Lighting fixtures that direct light upwards will make the ceiling appear higher (on the picture shown Angela lighting fixture from our collection of fixtures for indirect lighting).

Placing crown molding with indirect lighting will "lift up" you ceiling. (On the picture shown specially designed Fresno crown molding for indirect lighting from our collection of molding for indirect lighting).

Less tolerant to light documents, photography, art (watercolor, tempera, pastel), tapestries, embroidery and closing made from natural materials. By norms level of lighting objects like these should be no more than 50lk.

You can separate living space in to functional zones not only with furniture or room dividers, but using lighting fixtures like sconces, table lamps or floor lamps.