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Enhancing Home with Wine Tasting Room

A wine tasting room offers the ideal environment in which to store wine. In addition, a wine tasting room can provide a warm and inviting place in which to enjoy wine.

Wine tasting rooms date back to 6,000 BC, which means that there is a very long history of mankind enjoying fine wines in the comfort of a private cellar or room. In general, wine rooms are located at ground level or above, while wine cellars are built below ground. By either name, this location offers a carefully controlled environment in which to enjoy this noble beverage.

Once limited to the domain of wine collectors with extensive inventories, modern wine rooms can often be found in the homes of more casual wine enthusiasts. In fact, a wine room doesn't require much in the way of space; a cozy wine tasting room might contain only a few racks for wine bottles along with a small table and a pair of comfortable chairs. Most wine rooms, however, tend to make a bit more of a statement in showcasing the wine enthusiast's collection and providing a warm and welcoming space in which to savor fine wines.

One of the predominant materials used in most wine rooms is natural wood. Wood is ideal for the shelves that hold the wine bottles, and wood imparts a feeling of warmth and richness that fits hand in glove with the nature of the wine itself. You'll find that many well-appointed wine rooms feature decorative wood trim to complete the room's decor and give it a finished look. The addition of wood molding trim imparts a stylish embellishment that perfectly complements a wine room, completing an inviting environment for the wine enthusiast to enjoy wines with family members and guests.

It's critical to remember that the climate within a wine room is of utmost importance in the preservation of a wine collection. Not only must the humidity level be kept at 50 to 80 percent, but the temperature in the room should be kept between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a variation by a small amount from the recommended levels can adversely affect the stored wine's color, flavor, and character.

A wine room with the proper humidity, temperature, and storage allows for the preservation of a collection of fine wines. A wine room with the warmth of natural wood furnishings and wood molding allows for the ultimate in enjoyment of the wines.