harmonious white room decor
harmonious white room decor

Harmonious Room Decor

No one can afford to be limited physically and emotionally by the dimensions of the room. The glory of the room is in understanding its potential. Whether you live in the mention or a studio apartment, you can create a space that uplifts your spirit and is welcoming to others.

Even in grand houses poor feng shui can make you feel confident and anxious. Some of the coldest homes with the least soul are the largest, so size and money are not issues. When you love your home and want to share it with others. There's no need to be constricted in any man-made space. Walls protect you but they should not make you feel constrained and uncomfortable.

There are infinite opportunities to transform your rooms into experiences that go beyond physical dimensions. If you are color shy, and in the past have hidden behind beige, you may want to paint entire interior of your home white as a first step. Once you achieve this fresh new environment, then decide if any of the rooms should be tinted with a color hue or left white. Delicate pastel tints always look freshest over a clean, brilliant white surface. In a small space you may want white walls because they give the illusion of more space. Finding a truly white paint for your walls is not as easy as it sounds.

All white paints have been tone down to make them cover surface more easily. Whether the walls of a room are white, a pastel tint, or a strong, saturated color, designers usually suggest that all trim-work be painted white - door trim, window trim, baseboard, chair-rail, and crown molding. Not only the white paint reflects light from outside, but by providing a contrast it brightens the other colors in the room increasing vitality of the room decor.