well decorated room

Creating a Composition

Grouping items in an artistic arrangement can be an effective means of creating an interesting display in a room. Art should be placed anywhere it can bring visual delight. Pictures can be hung individually or in groupings, but they should always relate to the sofa, desks, chairs, tables, or other furnishings constituting the wall composition. Usually, a picture relates best to the composition when not "floating" alone on the wall. A table, console, or other piece of furniture beneath the picture can stabilize the artwork.

The Rule of Odds is a guideline that elevates any display to an aesthetic design. Any grouping with an odd number of items give an orderly, precise way to display objects. The main thing to keep in mind when arranging a display is the scale of the items which make up the composition; the idea is to allow the line of vision to flow through the composition without interruption.

Another thing you want to keep in mind when arranging your composition is what it looks like when you look at if from another room. Sometimes it is helpful when you use the doorway of an adjacent room to "frame" your composition.

For black-and-white photographs simple black-painted frame is recommended. For an elegant, classical look select a black frame with silver band

This allows you to enjoy your structured composition from more views than the view you would have standing directly in front of it. It is important to remember that the composition of objects is not a permanent element in a room. Always allow yourself the room to grow, since personal tastes tend to change over time.