inspirational room with architectural details

Architectural Details

Often a room never been touched by designer or architect, and it is up to homeowner to improve it. Learning about architectural products available on our website empowers you to confront boring spaces and transform them into graceful rooms with classical elegance. Beautiful architectural products are not a luxury of the wealthy, any of them can be purchased and easily applied to the room that does not have a character or architectural details.

When you walk into a room, focus on the background details that are permanent fixtures. Look up to were the walls meet ceiling. Is there are any frieze molding (horizontal carving), or crown molding (molding that covers sharpness of ninety-degree angle). If your ceiling joints the wall without any molding, you can easily enhance your room by choosing a beautiful wood crown molding or a decorative crown molding made from polyurethane and install it yourself.

To relieve flatness of the walls in your room, you can install a chair rail. The appropriate height depends on the room size and height of the ceiling, but on average it should range thirty to forty inches from the floor. At this level, a chair-rail molding is comforting and satisfying to the eye. To serve it practical function of preventing the back of a chair from damaging a wall, it should never be higher than the chair.

Architectural details not only enhance a beauty of your home, but they also make your house more valuable

Classical architecture includes a chair rail in most rooms, with paneling installed beneath the molding to the baseboard. If you decide you want a chair rail, select one that is compatible with the crown molding.