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The Joy of Vibrant Red Color

It is the color of the life force. The color red invokes many psychological associations: courage, passion, love, excitement, danger, martyrdom, anger, fire, and strength. It is a lively color, and often recommended for areas of the home where entertaining is encouraged, such as the living room and dining room.

Red is the most obvious of all the colors in the spectrum, and is extremely striking when used sparingly in a monochromatic decor. Infants, practically blind at birth, can differentiate only three tones: red, black, white (and the variations of gray in between.) That is why it is said that red is everyone's first favorite color. Perhaps this is why red is so intriguing when used as a contrasting accent. The burst of vibrant red is unexpected, and gives a sophisticated look to a monochromatic color scheme. In this room decor, red looks masterfully placed, but is simply the result of observing one of the best kept secrets of decorating.

Use red sparingly in a neutral or monochromatic decor, and you will know the saying, "less is more." And don't forget, the color red comes in a variety of different tones and hues.

A machine can mix paints to achieve any color, but it is incredible of understanding how much energy you will feel from the hue. It is very important to have a basic knowledge of psychological and physiological effects of color.

Whether you choose fire engine red, maroon, garnet, raspberry or mauve, the color red is eye catching, and knowing when to apply and how to apply this color is the difference between a decor that is ordinary versus extraordinary.