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Bringing Magic Home with Porcelain Accessories

The gossamer beauty of porcelain has entranced humanity for close to two thousand years. Originating in China, porcelain had become highly sought after all over the world by the 14th century, whose artisans had perfected the fabrication. Since then, the process has been refined and perfected, giving birth to several types of porcelain.

The color white is one that seems to provoke a sense of peace, freshness and serenity. It epitomizes purity and cleanliness. It symbolizes simplicity or a beginning, as the blank white painter's canvas does. The delicate white color of porcelain has qualities that can be seen as symbolic of all of these things. Pure white porcelain accessories, singly or in groups, can help to evoke emotion, draw the eye, provide an accent for another piece or become a showpiece of its own.

Porcelain can be molded, extruded or formed by hand into amazing shapes. Some pieces are so fragile-looking, you fear to touch it. They're actually more durable than they look, which is one of the wonderful features of porcelain. Figurines, miniature architectural features or abstract pieces with such fine detail, you can imagine them coming to life!

Despite its frail look, porcelain is quite durable, so long as it's not mishandled. Porcelain accessories come in a variety of shapes and can be used in myriad ways to suit almost any taste, accent any style of decor. Traditional, contemporary, vintage or ultra-modern - porcelain is a perfect fit for nearly every room in your home.

Porcelain's filmy, delicate structure practically begs for light to be shone from behind it. And when light is applied, the magic happens. Some decorative porcelain accessories have a place for a candle, which when lit, produces a glow unlike anything else. This ethereal light from behind a beautiful piece of porcelain transforms an otherwise rather plain piece into a glittering, sparkling delight for the eyes.

A single piece of decorative white porcelain placed in front of a dark background provides a dramatic setting for a prized showpiece. A group of white, glowing porcelain accessories placed in a bookcase or on a buffet or sofa table draws the eye instantly to that grouping.

Many use decorative porcelain accessories in a seasonal application. The winter holidays seem to be a natural time of year to display beautiful porcelain pieces with lights inside to create a magical setting for holiday gatherings. Spring also seems to bring out the best in porcelain accessories. When the lighting is just right, the ethereal beauty shines through.

But, beautiful accessories of china, bone or any kind of porcelain can be a decorative staple for your home all year round. Heirloom quality pieces of delicate porcelain are things of otherworldly beauty and charm delight all who view them.


Bisque porcelain is unglazed, white ceramic ware. It's fired under extremely high temperatures. Its pure white, slightly rough texture is beloved by experts and collectors. We are executing a series of architectural home accessories that double as whimsical candle stands. Place a tea light or candle in the center of the porcelain tray and you will see windows light up like a cathedral on Christmas Eve. The porcelain Cathedral is inspired by Renaissance church domes, of Florence and Sienna. Three porcelain Russian towers are modeled after St.Basil's cathedral in Moscow.

Bisque porcelain home accesories; a series of bisque porcelain architectural home accessories that double as whimsical candle stands
bisque porcelain home accessories

porcelain tower
porcelain tower of Pisa model
porcelain home accessories

blending history and lore with porcelain accessories
Since the development of porcelain more than 4,000 years ago, humankind has developed a multitude of ways to fabricate items borne from the versatile material. It can be shaped by hand, formed in a press, poured into a mold or extruded from a die. This versatility means that porcelain can perform a number of functions... more on porcelain home accessories >>