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Make Yours an Inviting Home!

The holidays are coming! And winter is here now (well, we've got snow now and therefore our outdoor living is over until March). My thoughts are turning toward making my home a little nicer to be in. If you know me, you know that home lighting is a BIG thing with me. When I wired the electric for my living room, I designed the lighting and the lighting fixtures to be in very specific areas of the room. I intend to do it with all my rooms. Lighting is very important to me; it serves a functional purposes in our house and it also serves as a decorative element, too. I am slowly building the rooms not only with ceiling lights, but with effects like sconces or crown molding lights. I really can't wait until I get to remodel the kitchen- I have such dreams for the lighting there!

How about you? How are you preparing your home for the holiday season? Have you checked out the stunning lighting products and home lighting solutions at They have the BEST crown molding lighting effects I have ever seen- and believe me, I've looked around. Doesn't that entry way look so.. well, so inviting? No wonder they're called They have some spectacular ideas for home decorating- really, really classy- everything from making a room appear more "masculine" to making a focal point for your room. See some of the ideas here. offers waaaay more than just lamps and ideas. They have everything- folding screens, knobs and pulls, molding, mirrors, wall art, chairs, corbels, staircase parts - everything you need to make your home very inviting. They have an "Inspiration Gallery" at the site, and it helps me to stir up my creative juices. Gosh, the rooms are drop-dead gorgeous. Their showroom is in Massachusetts - if I ever get out that way, we're going. But the nice thing is that offers their ideas and products online, so we who live further away can benefit, too.

Anyway, if you're wondering how and with what to spruce up your home for the coming holidays (or anytime, really), take a peek at their site. It's gorgeous!

Author: Rebecca