home office decor

Home Office: Where Functionality and Creativity Come Together

Most people will tell you that they view the chance to work from home as a treat. Just think, no need to drive to and from the office every day, and no need to dress up in a special work wardrobe. But it's not enough to have a home office that contains simply the tools necessary to complete your work-related tasks. The many hours you'll spend in your home office should be pleasant and enjoyable, so take the time to design a work space that is truly a reflection of your personality. In this way, your home office will become a space that you look forward to entering each workday.

For a successful home office design, you'll need to think it two directions at once. First, your office should contain the space and the tools necessary to work. For many people, this includes a desk, a computer, and a supportive chair. But don't forget that the other direction in which you also need to think, which includes the stylistic aspects of your workspace. With all of the time you will work in your home office, make sure it is inviting and conducive to your creative thinking.

Special details such as beautiful chandeliers and elegant crown molding can help to set your home office apart as a beautiful place to work in addition to being a functional area. Chandeliers for home offices need to be bright enough so that work areas can be adequately lit, but their style and elegance can help to transform a run-of-the-mill home office into a space in which you love to work. Crown moldings installed where the ceiling meets the walls can help to accentuate the beauty of the chandelier while helping to define the room's upper reaches and add an interesting layer of decorative style. Decorative embellishments such as these help to make a home office an inviting space where you can let your creativity loose.

If your home office has windows, give some thought to the window treatments. Does your style tend more toward curtains, or would blinds be more appropriate? The colors you choose for your home office decor can have an influence on the feeling that the room conveys. For most people, cool colors like blues and greens are calming, while brighter shades of reds and yellows stir up the senses and can be invigorating.

Once you have designed a home office that is fully functional yet is a reflection of you and your personality, you will love going to work each day.