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Making a House Feel Like Home

About two months ago we moved into our new house. We love our new house and can't say enough good things about our neighborhood. There are so many things that make this house just feel like we were always meant to be here. These feelings are in stark contrast to how we felt while living in our old house and neighborhood.

When we purchased our previous home we new from the start that we would not be living there for more than 5-10 years. This very much impacted what and how we chose to decorate our house. Everything we bought was neutral in color. Over the years I got so tired of living in a sea of beige. Over the years it felt more like we were renters instead of home owners because of every choice was impacted with the prospect of selling the house in the future.

Today, we are fearless in our selection of decor throughout our home. We decided when beginning to decorate our new home that we wanted a home that felt vibrant and alive instead of one that seemed to be waiting for someone else. Our decorating choices today center around reflecting who we are and our passions in life. As most of you know I love shopping online and have really enjoyed hunting decorating ideas and products to complete each room in our new house.

One thing I have learned in the process of decorating is that it is often the little touches that make the biggest impact. For example no matter how perfectly you paint a room the color can see dull and bland without crown molding. To me these little architectural touches are the difference between a nice room and a truly spectacular room. When we added crown molding to our dining room it looked like a truly finished room.

The region where we live is so rural we have found ourselves turning to online merchants like Inviting Home for truly special home decorating products. The Inviting Home website offers a wealth of inspiration for decorators in addition to the array of products available. I really love being able to browse the galleries of Inviting Home to see how a room in my house might look with various decorating choices and themes. This is also a really handy tool for giving my husband a visual idea of the plans I envision in my head for our house. We often butt heads when it comes to decorating because he can envision what I describe as an ideal look for a room in our house. By showing him a similar look in the gallery it simplifies things by giving him a more tangible idea of what our house could look like.

Inviting Home is a great resource for everyone from decorating novices like myself to seasoned professionals. It is so nice to shop from the comfort of home for everything to make a house a home from the vast selection of products that include everything from wood carvings to home lighting. No matter what room or what detail I am hoping to highlight I have been able to find products I love and inspiration for what our home can become at Inviting Home!