decorating room with texture

Decorating with Texture

The word "sensual" means "of the senses." We as humans are enslaved by our senses, and are the most comfortable when we satisfy our five senses simultaneously. The experience of being home is heightened when our sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell is indulged with our own personal preferences.

By layering different textures in room, you infuse your decor with life and give it the power of sensual impact. What texture do you want to incorporate in your decorating schemes that will enhance your vital energy, your life force, and enrich your home decor? Texture in interior decorating is very important, adding nuance and charm to a room. Texture refers to the surface quality of objects; the quality that can be not only touched but also sensed in memory.

By incorporating a variety of textures to your room, you enhance the flavor of room by developing its character. Count the number of different textures in your rooms. You may find that you already have the essential textural range and only need to place them in harmonizing contrasts. If there is too much repetition and consistency, you may be promoting dullness.

Keep in mind, that a combination of textures enhances the total visual experience. By experimenting with different patterns, textiles, and materials, you will find that the key to an accessible decor is in the playful balance of contrasting, yet complementary textures.

Primarily, texture adds visual interest to your room. Contrasting design elements, such as the gleam of chrome accessories, cozy lure of a soft shag rug, the warmth of a dark hardwood floor, and the effect of light coming through the coarse weave of a lampshade all work together to give this room its own distinct feel. Playing with the contrast and sympathy of one texture working synergistically with others is a quick way to decorate and redecorate.