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Making The Most Out Of A Small Space

Softly glowing lights above a headboard supply a warm, relaxing and welcoming ambiance to this pretty indoor escape. The smart placement of vertical cabinets and shelves above the headboard is a brilliant way to make the most out of a small space. When a room is small, you want to use not only the horizontal floor space, but the vertical space present on a wall as well.

Vertical cabinets look beautiful and they help to create space where it didn't previously exist. Using beautiful knobs and pulls for cabinets adds an extra classy feel. Knobs are available in so many pretty designs and are made from so many luxurious metals like antique brushed pewter, antique copper, satin gold, bright nickel and dark brass. You can never go wrong updating the look of any type of furniture by replacing old and worn knobs and pulls. Revitalizing the look this way is so easy to do.

You can showcase your artistic talent in a built-in area such as this one by the thoughtful placement of wood carvings and onlays. All our wood carvings and onlays come ready to be used in your project. They are triple sanded for smoothness and ready to receive any type of finish you want to put on them. Once they are added to a display featuring pretty cabinets, they add an eye-popping extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Giving a room the look that it is an architectural masterpiece is so easy to get using pre-cut architectural elements like wood carvings and onlays. Form and function blends seamlessly with these gorgeous wood accents and as an extra special benefit they add so much interest. You'll be glad you featured them in your beautiful room.

Highlighting the entire pulled together look are the pretty knobs used which are intended to be both decorative and functional. In a small space, functional is the operative word you want to remember. There is no room for wasted space when space is already limited.

Maximizing the space that does exist in the room is the key. Touches like the built-in softly lighted cubed spaces create the perfect spot to display books, flowers, pretty pictures or other unique accents you wish to use to adorn your perfect bedroom. They give you the opportunity to truly personalize your space by placing things that mean the most to you on them for display.

Creating the room of your dreams is easy when you remember to add special accents. Making the most of a small space is also easy when you always remember to use both vertical space as well as horizontal space. You may even be pleasantly surprised to find you have extra storage room.