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Monochromatic Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme is developed from a single hue, but with a range of values and different degrees of intensity. Unity is probably the most notable element in this type of color scheme.

When choosing your colors simply look to your favorite things for inspiration. Perhaps you love the tones in a special vintage gown? Replicating the same tones in the interior of your home is an easy way to surround yourself with the colors you love best. Look at the color in a more daring way to create a harmony that suits your spirit. Each color has own personality whether it was happy or sad, old or young click on the following link to reed more about this subject - color - mood associations.

Remember that colors convey light, medium and dark values. Us chromatically intense saturated color for a table, lamp and wall art. The key is to artfully distribute and layer your related colors throughout your interior, using different textures to create interest and pull together a cohesive look.

It is wise to keep in mind that lighter colors are expansive and darker colors are restrictive; so lighter tones work best on walls, ceilings, and curtains, medium tones look best on furnishings, and darker tones work well on ground level. On the wall, hang similarly toned artwork strengthen your color scheme. This technique will accentuate the tones in your decor through artful repetition. And don't neglect your corners! Soften your room by breaking the hard edged corners with a complementary focal point. A potted plant will do the trick; or, what about that vintage gown that inspired you in the first place?