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lighthouse staircase model
lighthouse staircase model
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dome model
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bell tower
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Nirvana Spire

Lighthouse Staircase

accessories AMAR013

6-15/16"x 4-3/8"x 24"H

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lighthouse staircase lighthouse staircase lighthouse staircase

Elegant hand-crafted model of lighthouse staircase made of solid birch and cherry wood and finished in warm distressed antique finish.

Lighthouse staircase is crafted in the manner of models made by members of a French Guild. Prevalent from the Middle Ages it reached its zenith during the 17th through the 19th centuries. In the compagnonn age apprentices first developed technical skills and studied geometrical drawing and design. They then were sent on a Tour de France, working with masters throughout the country. Ultimately each produced a guild masterpiece or maitrise demonstrating mastery of joinery, cabinetmaking, carpentry, and design concepts and techniques.

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Michelangelo had several models made of the St. Peter dome during the time he worked on it. Discovered in an attic and newly restored, these models are now a main attraction at the Vatican Museum. Architects over the centuries have made models to check details in 3D and help clients understand dimensional perspectives. Many architects of renown also collected models, not only for their exquisite workmanship but also for their value as decor in homes and especially offices. We offer a small but no less fascinating collection of early stair models and dome buildings. Cherry and birch wood finished in subtle shades of light and dark honey. Sinuous curves and arches in beautifully finished wood add a fluid touch to private or corporate quarters.
Elegant hand-crafted staircase models made of solid birch and cherry wood and finished in warm distressed antique finish; available at