Home Accessories Inspired by Classic Architecture

home accessories inspired by classic architecture; decorating ideas; home decor inspiration

The classics are timeless. Classic architecture seems to transcend time itself. You can add a touch of timelessness with miniature classic architectural models to rooms in your home. More than just decor, architectural home accessories lend an air of sophistication and attention to detail in any room.

Artists and engineers have used architectural models since the advent of building significant and lasting structures to assist in envisioning the end product. These accurate models helped the artisan or builder to make critical changes in design or support before the project started, whether it was an actual building or a detailed painting. Michelangelo, Pierre Lescot and Leonardo DaVinci were among the masters of the Renaissance who regularly used scale models before painting or building.

Home accessories inspired by classic architecture pay homage to those masters who wielded the talent and skill to create lasting monuments to a time when beauty and elegance in architecture was not just a luxury, it was a necessity. Echo those elements at home in your decor by placing architectural home accessories, singly or in groups, in strategic locations of your home.

Classical architectural details include the graceful curves and arches of the Italian Renaissance, whose cathedral domes, cupolas, and loggias have penetrated the imaginations of the artists of history and inspired designs of modern buildings we see every day. The smaller versions of these pieces seem to encourage creativity and inspiration. These lovely architectural home accessories can be arranged in pairs, alone or in groups, inviting guests to inspect the pieces and admire the exquisite detail of each one.

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The swirling minarets of Russia’s St Basil’s Cathedral and other structures of the mid- to late Muscovite Period in detailed miniature instantly attract the eye when standing alone. Place a few of these similarly styled architectural home accessories together, and the impact is multiplied to graceful effect.

Obelisks seem to engender the sense of ancient times. Found all over the world but most famously in Egypt, the obelisk is believed to be a monument to the sun’s rays. Scaled-down, these architectural home accessories create instant drama in any room in the house. Alone, these pieces are stunning to look at. Combining the stark angles of an obelisk with smaller items in rounded shapes creates a collection that just naturally seems to be destined together.

Graceful staircases can instill wonder when displayed in small scale on a table or desk. These pieces at first seem incomplete. Upon closer examination, you discover that they are not just complete, but they are whole – able to stand alone as a perfect piece of architectural art.

For the sophisticated home, the addition of architectural home accessories can inspire wonder and creativity while providing structure to any room’s decor.

home accessories inspired by classic architecture; decorating ideas; home decor inspiration

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