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5 Globe Mobile

accessories AGL060

42.5"W x 7.1"D x 35.4"H

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5 globe mobile

This fascinating globe mobile features five globes from five different centuries. The globes are styled in different colors, hues and specifications to make a truly mesmerizing decoration.

Carrying science and history into the world of home decor, a unique combination of classic globe replicas moving in perpetual circles make this a truly mystical experience.

Five globes from five centuries symbolizing the advancement of cartography the gradual using back of boundaries. Seemingly a magic object many earth globes moving in perpetual circles. Different style globes in colors, hues and specifications make a fascinating and elegant object. Sure to arouse interest in planets and their clockwork movements in a curious child's mind, it may at the same time bring about sleep in a drowsy mind, watching its hypnotic pattern. For the waking mind, a fascinating exercise awaits...

- 16th C. - Mercator;
- 17th C. - Hondius;
- 18th C. - Vaugondy;
- 19th C. - RMN;
- 20th C. - Weber Costello;

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This fascinating globe mobile features five globes from five different centuries; available at; decorating inspiration

Gazing in the night sky we wonder about the size and scope of the universe. Within that magnitude our solar system seems infinite and overwhelming. It's easier to understand native creation myths, Newtonian and Galilean theories and great historical discoveries when viewing the solar system on a smaller, more comprehensible human scale. Reduced to both scientific and decorative models of our planetary system, revolving around the sun and not the earth as early scientists believed, this mobile will fascinate the young in age and youthful in heart.

5 globe mobile, Solar System mobile and Around the World mobile; available at; decorating inspiration; decor ideas
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