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Raising Gift Giving to an Art Form

There are a vast number of occasions in which a gift is appropriate, from birthdays and holidays to thank you and even "just because." While gift giving should be joyous, too often it becomes an exercise in frustration and can result in money spent on the wrong gift. What can you do to ensure that you select a gift for your recipient that is both appropriate and appreciated?

Too many people take the wrong tack when it comes to finding gifts: they head down to the nearest mall and wander aimlessly from store to store, hoping that the perfect inspired gift will jump out at them. Or they turn on their computer and waste hours surfing from site to site without finding a good match for their intended recipient.

A better move is to spend some time with a mental exercise before setting foot in a store or putting fingers to the computer keyboard. Sit back and envision the recipient - whether it's a family member, a close friend, a business colleague, or the hostess for an upcoming social event. Think about what you know about them: how they like to spend their time, what their style is, what hobbies they have, what their favorite colors and scents are. Once you've put yourself in the recipient's shoes, then you can start to create a list of potential gifts that they will enjoy receiving. If the gift is intended for someone you don't know well, then this process may also include talking to people who know the recipient better than you do in order to answer these questions.

For example, if your gift giving is intended for a female and she has her own apartment or home, then there's a high probability that an excellent choice in gifts for her could have something to do with her living environment. If her taste runs to classics, a gift such as a solid crystal box or a cut crystal jar will impress her with both its beauty and its functionality. If she loves to be surrounded with friends and family members, consider gifting her with timeless games like a Venetian Glass Tic-Tac-Toe or perhaps a set of solitaire game with semi-precious stones.

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Options in gifts for him should also match to the recipient's tastes and style. If your recipient lives by the ocean or enjoys boating, then a nautically-inspired gift like a gorgeous ship model or a horn anchor paperweight can fit the bill perfectly. If he loves travel and far-away locales, consider a set of Victorian binoculars, surveyor telescope, or a vintage-style compass with sundial to complement his sense of adventure.

No matter what the occasion, be sure to invest the time up front to consider your recipient. In this way, you can rest assured that your gift giving will be both memorable and appreciated.